Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got some Updating to do!

I'm sorry. I've been neglecting you.

Life has been busy over the past couple of months. And today I thought I'd visit my blog and I noticed that my last post was the 4th of May! Yikes! Boy, I've REALLY been neglecting you.

Ok, so a quick recap of where we've been over the past 5, almost 6 months:

April, sometime: Beyond Robson Profile - the folks at the website interviewed me about Serum 1831 and a bunch of other things - the piece is finally up on the site. You can take a look here:

May 5: KickStart screening - This year was truly great. All 5 of the films were wonderful, not a stinker in the bunch. Congrats to Jason, Brendon, Chad and Mark! I'm honoured to have been a part of this year's class of filmmakers.

June 4: Leo Awards - Went to the Leo Awards and got too excited when Tina Teoli won the award for Best Make-up for Serum 1831. Not too excited in THAT way. You dirty minds. Too excited in that I forgot to switch on the camera and record her speech.

June 11: Wedding in Kauai - Niece's wedding, it was beautiful.

Film Festivals: Added a bunch of other festivals to the list - Mississauga, Burbank International (where we were nominated for best Sci-Fi film), Filmi (the Toronto South Asian Film Festival), Shriekfest (Los Angeles), Tri-City Independent (Washington State), and the Vancouver Asian Film Festival!

July 8: DGC Nomination - Serum 1831 has been nominated for an Outstanding Team Achievement Award by the Director's guild of Canada. I'm off on a little plane ride tomorrow to attend the awards ceremony in Toronto! Yay!

Alright. That should tide things over until Monday, when I'll TRY to post something else.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leo Awards!

Got some great news yesterday. My little short film has been nominated for 4 Leo Awards! Yay!

Serum 1831 received nominations for Tina Teoli in the Best Make-up in a Short Film category, David Pelletier for Best Cinematography in a Short Film (also nominated in the Best Cinematography in a FEATURE Film category for his work on the Feature film "Excited", James Kusan and the folks at Post Modern Sound for Best Overall Sound Recording in a Short Film, and once again, the folks at Post Modern Sound for Best Sound Editing in a Short Film. Congratulations to all! You've made me so proud!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Been busy Lately

We've had a couple of busy months on the old Serum 1831 front.

Had a few screenings at the Celluloid Social Club over the past couple of months.

There's a new Serum 1831 YouTube channel! Here you'll find two new trailers for the short film, as well as videos of interviews, Question and Answer sessions done after screenings and in the near future, webisodes. That's right - we're gonna start making a few webisodes, to advance the story of Robert, Andrew and Detective Love. Hopefully we'll have the first few up soon.

All of this is to keep the creative juices flowing and to expand the fan base for the upcoming feature film. That's right - we're gonna make a full length film based on Serum 1831. The script is in development and we're starting the search for financing. So if you have some extra cash and want to have your name attached to a great film, let me know.

And we decided to throw this thread up onto a zombie forum, to see what people in the know about zombie culture thought. so far we've had a few great responses and a the views of the trailers on YouTube have almost quadrupled! We're gaining momentum!

And to top it all off, It's Kick Start week! Thursday's the day that the five directors get together and show off their masterpieces. Now it's my turn on the hot seat. I may not have been kind to others in the past about their Kick Start films, and I fully expect to hear some grumblings about mine. But that's fine - if I dish it, I better be able to receive it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some more news...

Thought I'd put something up on the old blog today. Some good news!

Since my last posting, we've earned two additional screenings! And neither are in California! We're branching out!

The fifth screening of Serum will take place in West Chester Pennsylvania. Serum 1831 takes the East Coast! well, sorta.

The sixth screening happens, wait for it, in Supernatural British Columbia! Just got word that we've been accepted into the 2010 Okanagan Film Festival! This will mark the first festival appearance for the film in B.C. So who's going to Kelowna with me? End of July - save the date.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

California Dreamin'

Well, after a very busy Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, it looks like I have something to add to the old blog... finally.

Serum 1831 has just been accepted into 1 more film festival, and has been invited to screen at another. That's 2 more screenings scheduled for the short film! While I was hoping for more than a total of four festivals at this point, I'm grateful that the film is getting noticed. Where it's getting noticed, however, interests me.

Out of the 4 film festivals that Serum 1831 has been selected to screen at, 3 of them are in Northern California. And on top of that, my previous film, Alternative Dispute Resolution, was selected to screen at 3 festivals, 2 of those in Northern California. Northern California loves me! So, as a few people have mentioned, maybe I should pack my bags and head to San Jose. Naw, I love Vancouver too much.

Off to bed I go. I've got a photo shoot to attend tomorrow. The website is revamping their site, and they are looking to feature some of Vancouver's up-and-coming talent, including yours truly. The interview took place before the Olympics, tomorrow I get pictures taken for the site, and all should be up on the inter-web by mid month. Should be interesting.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Screening night

Well I've finally got something to type about. It's been a pretty slow couple of weeks, no months, on the Serum 1831 front. But tonight, I finally got a screening in Vancouver. Yay! Hometown crowd finally gets to see the thing.

So down I went to the good old Chapel Arts building on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and sat patiently in the crowd watching a whole bunch of short films. Some were the same old drivel that I've been ranting about before on this blog, leaving me wondering why this thing got made, but the majority of these shorts were funny, entertaining and a pleasure to see. I had a great time and it seemd that Serum went over well. Although, I thought it was unfortunate that my film was shown after 2 great funny little films. Unfortunate only in that the audience was in a laughing mood, and for the first few minutes of my film, they thought it was also a comedy, and laughed at some of the lines. That didn't bother me much, but I think it may have confused the audience a little, who quickly realized the film wasn't that funny at all. Oh well, they quickly got the picture.

Question and answer period at the end of the film was more of a "here's the mic, talk about your film". Me don't talk goodly in front of crowds, but after soliciting a few questions, things ended up going ok.

At the end of the evening, I have to say I was pleased with the number of people that came up and said how much they enjoyed the film. I would have liked to stay a little longer, but someone has to wake up in 5 hours to go back to work, and it was already WAY past her bedtime.

I would like to thank Films Talk Entertainment and the Celluloid Social Club for making me a part of the I Heart Van Art preview screening. I wish them the best of luck with their festival, and I hope that Serum will be seen somewhere during the festival in mid-February, but as I've been told, "the subject matter is a little inappropriate to be screened for the general public outdoors". I hope they change their minds and slot us in for a late night showing. I know a bunch of people that would love to come out and see it. Me front and centre.

And me learn to talk gooder in public if it gets the chance.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Geez, I've been so busy over the past few weeks, that I totally forgot about a very important birthday.

The BLOG! it's been one year since I've started writing the blog, and now that the film has been completed, I thought it would be nice to go back and read what I had written earlier. I'm interested in seeing if I made the mistakes that I ridiculed others about, and seeing if I followed the advice that others had given to me along the way.

So I think I'll do that tomorrow, and maybe I'll write what the ride was like.

As for the short this blog was about, Still only the two screenings to date, and none in my home province. Hopefully that will change in the next month or so.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nothing to report

After the euphoria of being granted screenings at Shockerfest and the Edmonton International Film Festival, it seems this short has stopped short. No screenings to write about. Can't say I'm not disappointed. Was hoping to get into Vancouver and Whistler, but that didn't happen. It's hard keeping the chin up and trying to be positive when what you know is a really good film is being rejected by festivals left and right. Now I have to wonder if I'm really going to get that Oscar nomination. Oh well, At least I'm in good company. This article in the Vancouver Sun proves my point;

I'm just glad I didn't come off as some cry baby director in a newspaper that thousands of people read, unlike the cry baby director that I sound like in my blog, that no one reads.

Come on festivals, show the movie!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What a day!

Screening Day! Just under a hundred family, friends and crew members wandered down to the Vancity Theatre in downtown Vancouver on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to watch the official private screening of Serum 1831. It was son nice to see everyone that worked so hard on this film come together again, this time to enjoy the fruits of their labour. And some good food. And wine. But no one drank any pellegrino today, which I think is odd. It was the first thing to go at the mini-screening in June. Go figure. Anywho, from the response of the assembled cast and crew, and friends and family, the film will be very well received.

Well, at least by some people. The Vancouver International Film Festival will not be showing Serum 1831. A bunch of people have asked me if I was really surprised. Well, yeah! But everyone I bitched to about this decision told me the same thing. And upon further review, and counseling from friends and family, I have to realize that they are right. My film never stood a chance.

It seems that VIFF is becoming more and more of a thinking man's film festival. Just speaking to some of the people there gives you a strange feeling. Not that strange feeling you get from eating a day old hot dog. But almost an inferiority complex type of feeling. They can't be bothered by "normal" people. This festival is showcase of the world's greatest cinematic arts! Yeah, whatever. The majority of films at this festival lacks any entertainment value. After reading the festival's literature pertaining to the films available to view this year, I have to say that I'm not really interested in seeing any of them. I try to go to at least, and I mean at the VERY LEAST, one film per festival year at VIFF. This year, it will be a chore to find one I really want to see. Art indeed.

Now you may say that that is just a bitter filmmaker whose work has been refused by the festival talking. But I'm not the only one that is grumbling.

I've asked my co-workers, and friends if they were planning on attending this year's film festival. The standard response was "When is it"? It seems that unless you have a stake in this festival, you don't know when it is. And this is a problem for the film community in Vancouver. If people in the industry don't know when their film festival is, but can tell you without hesitation when the Toronto International Film Festival is, that is a big problem. There is no interest in seeing the films at the Vancouver International Film Festival. The organizers need to change something.

And maybe that something is programming some films made by homegrown talent. This festival needs to change it's mandate. It should start promoting local filmmakers, performers and films. It needs to create a buzz within the local film making community. It needs to change it's programming. Something entertaining. Something that will draw in the general public. Now have I got a film for you.

But alas, they have already rejected me. No artsy-fartsy film festival for me. I'm happy to have Serum 1831 screening at the Edmonton International Film Festival in October. And at the Shockerfest screening in Modesto at the end of September. Two film festivals where people go to be entertained. Who knows, having not been selected for the Vancouver International Film Festival may be the best thing that could have happened to my film. It just means it's too entertaining for this festival.

So thanks Vancouver, for not screening my film at your festival. Confirms what I had set out to do in the first place. To make an enjoyable movie.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Going places

Well, I know it's been awhile since I last updated the blog, but haven't had too much to talk, or bitch, about.

Things are moving forward on the short film front. Looks like we're going to be screening the film for cast and crew on the 13th of September. Invites will be going out late this week. I'm really looking forward to showing it to the people who donated their time, equipment and expertise in making Serum 1831. I hope they are as proud of it as I am.

And they should be. This film is going places. I've sent the film off to 24 film fests and the notification dates are starting to creep closer. I've already heard from 2 of these fests and so far, we're 2 for 2! Serum 1831 will be shown at the Shockerfest FIlm Festival in Modesto California and at the Edmonton International Film Festival in beautiful Edmonton. That be Alberta. Tee-hee.

So great news, and hopefully more great news to follow! Would be awesome to get into the Vancouver Film Festival, and that's one of the next ones on the notification schedule. Hopefully when I screen this film on the 12th, I'll have a few more feastival dates to share with the crew.

Bedtime now.