Tuesday, March 2, 2010

California Dreamin'

Well, after a very busy Winter Olympics here in Vancouver, it looks like I have something to add to the old blog... finally.

Serum 1831 has just been accepted into 1 more film festival, and has been invited to screen at another. That's 2 more screenings scheduled for the short film! While I was hoping for more than a total of four festivals at this point, I'm grateful that the film is getting noticed. Where it's getting noticed, however, interests me.

Out of the 4 film festivals that Serum 1831 has been selected to screen at, 3 of them are in Northern California. And on top of that, my previous film, Alternative Dispute Resolution, was selected to screen at 3 festivals, 2 of those in Northern California. Northern California loves me! So, as a few people have mentioned, maybe I should pack my bags and head to San Jose. Naw, I love Vancouver too much.

Off to bed I go. I've got a photo shoot to attend tomorrow. The website beyondrobson.com is revamping their site, and they are looking to feature some of Vancouver's up-and-coming talent, including yours truly. The interview took place before the Olympics, tomorrow I get pictures taken for the site, and all should be up on the inter-web by mid month. Should be interesting.