Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Leo Awards!

Got some great news yesterday. My little short film has been nominated for 4 Leo Awards! Yay!

Serum 1831 received nominations for Tina Teoli in the Best Make-up in a Short Film category, David Pelletier for Best Cinematography in a Short Film (also nominated in the Best Cinematography in a FEATURE Film category for his work on the Feature film "Excited", James Kusan and the folks at Post Modern Sound for Best Overall Sound Recording in a Short Film, and once again, the folks at Post Modern Sound for Best Sound Editing in a Short Film. Congratulations to all! You've made me so proud!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Been busy Lately

We've had a couple of busy months on the old Serum 1831 front.

Had a few screenings at the Celluloid Social Club over the past couple of months.

There's a new Serum 1831 YouTube channel! Here you'll find two new trailers for the short film, as well as videos of interviews, Question and Answer sessions done after screenings and in the near future, webisodes. That's right - we're gonna start making a few webisodes, to advance the story of Robert, Andrew and Detective Love. Hopefully we'll have the first few up soon.

All of this is to keep the creative juices flowing and to expand the fan base for the upcoming feature film. That's right - we're gonna make a full length film based on Serum 1831. The script is in development and we're starting the search for financing. So if you have some extra cash and want to have your name attached to a great film, let me know.

And we decided to throw this thread up onto a zombie forum, to see what people in the know about zombie culture thought. so far we've had a few great responses and a the views of the trailers on YouTube have almost quadrupled! We're gaining momentum!

And to top it all off, It's Kick Start week! Thursday's the day that the five directors get together and show off their masterpieces. Now it's my turn on the hot seat. I may not have been kind to others in the past about their Kick Start films, and I fully expect to hear some grumblings about mine. But that's fine - if I dish it, I better be able to receive it.