Thursday, April 16, 2009

DONE! Almost....

Today we finally finished the fine cut. Actually, Alan finished the fine cut. I just watched, and put in my two cents every now and then.

But I did do the end credit sequence all by myself! And it looks mighty fine, if I do say so myself.

So now it seems that we are rolling along on this short film, approximately 1 month behind schedule. But I figure there is no real rush in getting this done. We'll take our time and make sure what we put on the screen is the best possible product that we can produce. And from what I see so far, it will be amazing.

In two weeks, we'll hand it off to the sound guys and the post production house to add their magic. It's getting exciting. This is the part of the project that I was actually looking forward to the most. I have always been my own post production house. Everything was done by me, here in front of my Mac. Now with this project, I get a real post production crew, professionals that will, without a doubt, take my project to the next level. I can't wait... again.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Glad that's over

The TV Pilot I was working on...on the short.

I've gotta say, that was one of the stupidest exercises I have been through. Not the people I was working with, but the locations we were filming in.

We were in a house where the owner was just too overbearing. Insane contract demands, insane location fees, and now, insane restoration demands. Laughable. And we had the opportunity to go with another location, well in advance of ever filming there, but never took the chance. Frustrating.

And then there's the nutbars in another part of town, that see a film company coming and just want to bleed every last penny from them. These retailers are hurting because of the economy, and their solution is to hold a film company ransom so they can stay in business. I mean, we weren't even filming on their street, didn't park any vehicles on their street, had nothing to do with their street. They weren't even open for business when we were filming! And they demand huge amounts of cash for loss of business? The nerve of some people.

But it's all over. And it seems that a lot of TV pilots are wrapping up at the same time. Looks like the whole post production team on my short will be jobless for a little while, all at the same time, and it seems that we may get this film done in fairly quick order.

Alan's almost through with the rough edit, and from what I've seen so far, it looks really good. Some things are a little washed out, but generally the picture looks great, the performances are great, and I am happy so for. I can't wait to see the final product. Hopefully Alan will have something ready by the end of the day, or early tomorrow.