Monday, June 8, 2009

Mission Complete

7 months and 3 weeks after being notified that I was selected as one of this year's recipients for the Kick Start award, the film is complete. 2 days of filming, 2 months of editing, 3 weeks of sound and video processing and we have a completed project.

The short looks awesome and sounds just as good.

I could not have done this without the help of a boat-load of people. Firstly, the Executive Producer, Grace Gilroy. Without her support on the application form, at the last minute, I might add, this project would never had made it off my desk.

Producer Geoff Teoli. Creatively challenging me and supporting me at the same time. Thanks dude.

Shane Vieau, the most easy going Production Designer around. Beautiful sets, masterfully decorated, and all done on the cheap. Shane worked his ass off on this short film, and all of his hard work shows. Thank you man!

Our on again / off again / on again Production Manager Monty Bannister. Put me through a lot of stress, but I do that to him on a daily basis so I deserve the payback. I know he had fun and his guidance steered the production in the right direction, at this point, which is under or near budget. Thanks.

Catherine Middleton. Deserved to be named a Producer on this film. Went above and beyond the call of duty in, a) bringing me back to earth after I axed a key person working on the film the night before we went to camera (I don't think I ever told that story on this blog, and I still think I was justified) b) playing peacekeeper to bring that person back into the fold so we could film the next day, and c) chauffeuring that person to and from set along with his entire production kit to make him happy. Thank You Catherine for putting the train back on the rails on the eve of production.

Then there's Alan Bartolic. A guy who has no business being a locations scout (even though he is a very good one) and should be an editor full time. The amount of time and effort he put into this film is simply unfathomable. Great ideas, great assembly. Alan made this film what it is today. He made this film his. Thank you, Thank you Alan Bartolic.

Tom Braidwood, my Mentor. Just watching you on the set taught me a lot of what to look for in filming a scene. Your eyes and ears honed the vision I had for this film. And you wrote a pretty good score for the film as well. Is there no end to your talents Thomas?

Mr David Pelletier. A little forward off the top, but definitely the right man for the job. Perfectly lit, well shot and you helped me look at things from a different perspective. More often than not, a better perspective. Thanks Dave.

The amazing cast, Kevan Ohtsji, Shaw Madson, Reese Alexander and Denyc. You brought these characters to life, and I have never regretted casting you in these roles. Here's to much success.

And I can't forget the crew. There are too many of you to name here. Everyone who came out, donating their time on a weekend, not asking for anything in return. Hard working, creative, and they all seemed like they were having a good time. Thank you all.

The fine folks at Post Modern and Finale Editworks, thanks for making this film look and sound amazing. You were gracious and really made us feel important, as if we were spending tens of thousands of dollars producing a feature film and not the couple of thousand that you did. Thanks Linda and Don.

And last but not least, I have to thank my wife Anu. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me the entire way. Without you, I would be a shadow of what I am today. Thank you and I love you.

So this film is now complete. I say "this film" instead of my film because it truly is not my film. This film was made by all of the people above. They made my vision come to life. I am just lucky to have been the director on this film. They have fulfilled a dream of mine, and deserve wheelbarrows full of credit for it's success.

Now that the film is complete, you may think that this is the end of the blog. no more entries. Well, YOU'RE WRONG! This is just the beginning. Serum 1831 now has a life. Public screenings, film festivals, awards! Well, maybe the awards part is a bit pre-mature, but one can hope. I will keep posting the life of Serum 1831 on this blog, so stay tuned for updates. No getting off now, the ride has just begun...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The End Is Near....

Tomorrow I go to Finale to take a look at my completed project. The Colour timing has been done, the sound has been added, and all of the effects are in as well. By this time tomorrow, I should have in my hand a copy of my completed short film. So exciting!

But for tonight, I have to try and get some sleep. Not easy to do in a house where the temperature is sitting at 29.5 degrees C. And That's the temperature inside. Ouch.

So off I go now, trying to sleep with visions of igloos dancing in my head.