Thursday, January 28, 2010

Screening night

Well I've finally got something to type about. It's been a pretty slow couple of weeks, no months, on the Serum 1831 front. But tonight, I finally got a screening in Vancouver. Yay! Hometown crowd finally gets to see the thing.

So down I went to the good old Chapel Arts building on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and sat patiently in the crowd watching a whole bunch of short films. Some were the same old drivel that I've been ranting about before on this blog, leaving me wondering why this thing got made, but the majority of these shorts were funny, entertaining and a pleasure to see. I had a great time and it seemd that Serum went over well. Although, I thought it was unfortunate that my film was shown after 2 great funny little films. Unfortunate only in that the audience was in a laughing mood, and for the first few minutes of my film, they thought it was also a comedy, and laughed at some of the lines. That didn't bother me much, but I think it may have confused the audience a little, who quickly realized the film wasn't that funny at all. Oh well, they quickly got the picture.

Question and answer period at the end of the film was more of a "here's the mic, talk about your film". Me don't talk goodly in front of crowds, but after soliciting a few questions, things ended up going ok.

At the end of the evening, I have to say I was pleased with the number of people that came up and said how much they enjoyed the film. I would have liked to stay a little longer, but someone has to wake up in 5 hours to go back to work, and it was already WAY past her bedtime.

I would like to thank Films Talk Entertainment and the Celluloid Social Club for making me a part of the I Heart Van Art preview screening. I wish them the best of luck with their festival, and I hope that Serum will be seen somewhere during the festival in mid-February, but as I've been told, "the subject matter is a little inappropriate to be screened for the general public outdoors". I hope they change their minds and slot us in for a late night showing. I know a bunch of people that would love to come out and see it. Me front and centre.

And me learn to talk gooder in public if it gets the chance.


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