Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got some Updating to do!

I'm sorry. I've been neglecting you.

Life has been busy over the past couple of months. And today I thought I'd visit my blog and I noticed that my last post was the 4th of May! Yikes! Boy, I've REALLY been neglecting you.

Ok, so a quick recap of where we've been over the past 5, almost 6 months:

April, sometime: Beyond Robson Profile - the folks at the website interviewed me about Serum 1831 and a bunch of other things - the piece is finally up on the site. You can take a look here:

May 5: KickStart screening - This year was truly great. All 5 of the films were wonderful, not a stinker in the bunch. Congrats to Jason, Brendon, Chad and Mark! I'm honoured to have been a part of this year's class of filmmakers.

June 4: Leo Awards - Went to the Leo Awards and got too excited when Tina Teoli won the award for Best Make-up for Serum 1831. Not too excited in THAT way. You dirty minds. Too excited in that I forgot to switch on the camera and record her speech.

June 11: Wedding in Kauai - Niece's wedding, it was beautiful.

Film Festivals: Added a bunch of other festivals to the list - Mississauga, Burbank International (where we were nominated for best Sci-Fi film), Filmi (the Toronto South Asian Film Festival), Shriekfest (Los Angeles), Tri-City Independent (Washington State), and the Vancouver Asian Film Festival!

July 8: DGC Nomination - Serum 1831 has been nominated for an Outstanding Team Achievement Award by the Director's guild of Canada. I'm off on a little plane ride tomorrow to attend the awards ceremony in Toronto! Yay!

Alright. That should tide things over until Monday, when I'll TRY to post something else.

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